We are a 30 year family business based out of Horseshoe Bay, West Vancouver, BC with history and strong connections on the North Shore, Gambier Island, the Sunshine Coast and Whistler. We pride ourselves on fine quality, hands-on work to bring home owners dreams to reality and develop long term relationships. Our work has been reliant on referrals for decades and this philosophy is the basis for our next generation of management and employees.

We have a team of young employees, trained in carpentry as well as strongly versed in all trades involved in the construction of a home. This is largely due to work in hard to reach locations where many sub trade visits are travel and cost restricted, so their skills and experience are passed to our crew to cover many of these otherwise prohibitively costly short visits.

From Okinawa, Japan, to Costa Rica to Gambier Island in British Columbia, we have the experience and capability to complete even the most demanding construction projects